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Please call today to discuss your unique surfacing needs. Worldwide Alloy Surfacing is the first choice for surface coatings!

20+ Years of Quality Service

Worldwide Alloy Surfacing II, LLC extends to each client the expertise required to equip your parts with wear coatings to dramatically enhance its quality and extend the life.

Worldwide Alloy Surfacing is a recognized leader in engineered coatings and surface treatments such as thermal spray coatings.

These surface treatments and engineered coatings improve performance, strength and increase life of critical components in a wide range of markets including: Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Food, Medical, & Sports.

From our facility located in Houston, Texas, we are able to service customers throughout North America, as well as our clients overseas. We are devoted to providing the same superior services to corporations both large and small.

Our Thermal Coatings Provide: