Main Features

  • Admin Control Panel
  • Drag and drop list order
  • Fully Responsive
  • Create unlimited categories
  • Bootstrap multiple columns (col-1 - col-12)
  • Full Ajax and jquery support
  • Compactable with iPhone and Android devices
  • Bootstrap 3 support
  • PrettyPhoto Plugin
  • Multiple customizable options
  • Gallery Layout
  • Portfolio
  • Slider with CSS3 animation
  • Slider with custom option
  • Flexslider Plugin
  • Multitple Files, Images Uploader and Resizer Worth $10
  • Keep image quality while uploading
  • Retain transparency for images e.g. PNG
  • Enable or dissable random file upload
  • Restrict unwanted file formats
  • Queue Upload with limit
  • LIVE uploads without page reload

  • Database Settings / Installation

    Run the installation file e.g http://localhost/HezeGallery/install.php and enter the details as shown below.

      Some Important Fields

    1. Localhost: This is your host server e.g localhost
    2. Username: This is your database username
    3. Password: This is the password associated with your database.
    4. Database Name: This is your database name.
    5. Connection Type: This is your database type which is mysql
    6. Admin Username: This is the username to login to this app.
    7. Admin Password: This is the password to login to this app.
    8. Image Upload Size: This is the maximum an image can be resized to when uploaded.
    9. Project title: This is the title for your project
    10. Record to display per page: No. of record to be displayed at a time from the database to avoid overloading the server
    11. Upload Config

    12. UPLOAD_FILE_URL: This is the upload handling file path
    13. UPLOAD_SUPPORT_EXT: This is file supported extension (e.g. jpg,gif,png,zip,pdf,doc,docx)
    14. FILE_RENAME: Rename-file with random number or leave the original name (true or false)
    15. MAX_FILE_COUNT: Number of files user can upload at a go (sets multiple_queues to false for unlimited)
    16. MAX_FILE_SIZE: This is the maximum file size user can upload in MB
    17. UPLOAD_VISIBILITY: This can either be thumbs or list (this is active state)
    18. UPLOAD_PATH: This is the path you want to upload your files
    19. UPLOAD_PATH_THUMB: This is the path you want to upload images thumbnails.
    20. BIG_IMAGE_WIDTH: This is the maximum an image can be resized to when uploaded.
    21. THUMB_IMAGE_WIDTH: This is the maximum an image thumbnail can be resized to when uploaded.

    Delete the install.php file after installation.

    Application Environment - Admin

  • After successful intallation, run http://yousitename/Hezegallery/
  • Your upload folder is located at public/uploads/
  • Your CSS/JS folder is located at public/themes/
  • The default login details are:

    username: admin
    Password: hezecom.

    You can change the login details afterword. As Super Admin you can create other Admin or Super Admin. But admin cannot create other Admin or Super Admin
  • Successful login will bring you to the main app environment
  • Click on the categories menu Create Category
    It will display as shown below:

  • Complete the fields and Submit


  • Category Name: This the name of the category
  • Category Type: This are the type of category available(Portfolio,Gallery and Slider)
  • Category Image: This is optional unless you want to use it.
  • Category Description: This is also optional.
  • Your category output will look like this.


  • View category details
  • Open - Open category and upload to it.
  • Delete - Deleting a category will also delete all record associated with it.
  • Update

  • Uploading Images

    To upload image to any category

  • Click on the Open icon
  • It will take you to main gallery view page
  • Use any of the upload methods (Single, Multiple and Slider Uploads) to upload your images

  • Oppressions

  • Drag the image to a position you want
  • The drag and drop will update instantly
  • Refresh your browser to see your result
  • View details
  • Upload more
  • Update
  • Delete
  • NOTICE: Access will be denied if no category is selected

  • Applying this app to your Website

    Applying this application to your website is very easy. Just follow this 2 steps and you are done.

    1. Make sure the following folder is inside your website folder directory
      HezeGallery/ - Main gallery management.
    2. Copy the following to the head session of your html.
    3. <?php 
    4. Copy one of the following to where you want the gallery, portfolio or slider to display inside the body of your html code.
    5. Gallery
      <?php $heze->HezecomPortfolioGallery('gallery','col-md-3','col-sm-4','col-xs-6');?>
      <?php $heze->HezecomPortfolioGallery('portfolio','col-md-3','col-sm-4','col-xs-6') ?>
      <?php $heze->HezecomSlider('slider');?>

    Important key words used in the class as shown

  • Gallery: Display image gallery only without captions
  • Portfolio: Display portfolio only with captions
  • Slider: Display slider with or no captions
  • col-md-3, col-sm-4, col-xs-6 : This layouts are based on bootstrap3 columns. It ranges from col-md-1 - col-md-12, col-sm-1 - col-sm-12, col-xs-1 - col-xs-12. It all depend on what you want.

  • Requirement

  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Driver Enabled
  • GD Library Enabled